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By Selecting SHETA as your preferred PGN, you will receive the following:

  • access to our plentiful online resource collection.
  • notice of the annual conference
  • members can attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting held each fall
  • members can become an executive member
  • members can join a conference planning committee to provide PD opportunities
  • when applying for STF and Ministry of Education committees teachers with membership in SHETA are short-listed because of their active membership in an STF Professional Growth Network(PGN).

***If you selected SHETA as your preferred PGN through the STF website, DO NOT COMPLETE THE MEMBERSHIP FORM BELOW!!!!

If you are not a member of the STF, or you selected a different PGN already but still want to become a member of SHETA, please complete the Membership Form below.


STF Member selected SHETA as an additional PGN $10/year

STF Superannuated Teacher $10/year

Non-STF Member $30/year


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    Upon registration and payment, you will receive a Welcome membership package from our membership chairpersons along with the password access to our Resource page.

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