Home Economics Ring

History of the “Ring”

In 1966 the concept of the ring was raised by the students at the University of Saskatchewan in the then existing College of Home Economics.  A design contest was held and in 1967 the design was chosen.

In 1967 the ring was presented to the Canadian Home Economics Association (CHEA) and accepted as a national symbol that was to be  maintained by the Association of Canadian Home Economics Students (ACHES).

By the spring of 1968 over 300 home economics students across Canada received the ring.   Across Canada since 1968 colleges with home economics programs have presented graduation rings to the graduating students.  Traditionally the ring is given to the graduate once their actual degree has been conferred.

The Significance of the Ring

The graduation ring is worn on the small finger of the working hand.  It is made of gold, representing the warmth and feeling of the home and the ring serves as a unifying force within the profession.

The many facets on the ring represent the many facets within the field of Home Economics and the circular form shows how there is a necessity of union of all areas to fulfill our purpose of promoting the welfare of family and home.

The etches on the facets signify the work that has been done to complete the degree and over time the ring will wear down to a smooth surface, which signifies the work done after attaining the degree.

To order the ring contact:

Ted Maciurzynski
823 Campbell Street
Winnipeg, MB
R3N 1C5
PH: (431).998.9962

How to Order a Ring

Contact Ted Maciurzynski at the above phone number to find out the cost of a ring (14k white or yellow gold =$150.00 & 18k white or yellow gold = $210.00)

They will ask you to send the following information to their store:

  1. A copy of your transcript stating you have completed a degree in the study area of home economics.
  2. The size of your pinky finger on your “working” hand.
  3. An E-Transfer for the cost of the ring plus a shipping cost.

Home Economics Ring Order Form

Please allow at least six weeks for delivery of the ring.

Recognition of the “Ring”

SHETA and ASHE hold a ring recognition ceremony every second year the the Annual Conference.  The year of recognition is even years.  You are responsible to order your ring in time for the conference and bring it along for the recognition ceremony.  If you have any questions please contact shetaconference@gmail.com for more information.

The next planned ring recognition will take place at the 50th Anniversary Conference in September 2021.