SHETA is a professional association providing leadership and advocacy to strengthen, enrich, and promote quality home economics education in Saskatchewan. Through engagement in professional communication and consultation with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, Ministry of Education, and post-secondary institutions, we strive to encourage the development of skills for life at all levels of the educational system.


The Saskatchewan Home Economics Teachers Association (SHETA) is one of 25 plus Professional Growth Networks of the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation (STF).  SHETA came together as an organization in the spring of 1969 as a way to allow Home Economics teachers from across Saskatchewan to network and share teaching ideas.  The first President of the organization was Elizabeth Dowdswell , and the first SHETA conference was held in April 1969 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.  Over the last four decades SHETA has maintained a strong membership that continues to support and commit to the ideas of the importance of teaching home economics based courses within Saskatchewan schools.  Although Home Economics is now umbrella-ed under the term “Practical and Applied Arts” in Saskatchewan the organization proudly waves the banner using the term Home Economics in order to differentiate the area of expertise that this groups of teachers teach in the Saskatchewan school system.

In the fall of 2009 SHETA celebrated 40 years as a STF Professional Growth Network (PGN) by holding their celebratory conference in Regina and inviting back Elizabeth Dowdswell as their guest speaker.

SHETA holds a bi-annual two day conference conference in the  fall usually late September/early October in one of the six ministry of education regions in Saskatchewan.  In the non conference year  SHETA hosts a one day Professional Development Day and AGM in a larger central city such as Moose Jaw, Regina or Saskatoon.

In April 2019 SHETA recognized 50 years as a Professional Growth Network with the STF.  A celebration conference was planned for September 2020 in Moose Jaw BUT due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 50th Anniversary conference will be hosted in the fall of 2022 in Moose Jaw.

The goals of SHETA are to:

  • Be recognized as a primary source for Home Economics knowledge and resources by the Ministry of Education.
  • Facilitate support for all Home Economics teachers in the province through resource sharing, mentorship opportunities, and professional learning opportunities.
  • Support the renewal and implementation of provincial Practical and Applied Arts curricula.
  • Continually align our resource database to reflect the updated Practical and Applied Arts curricula in Saskatchewan over the next five years.
  • Increase membership participation and support our members with our website and social platforms.
  • Share and disseminate current, relevant and appropriate information and resources with our members.
  • Work collaboratively with partners (e.g., Ministry of Education and post-secondary) who have a vested interest in home economics education in Saskatchewan.
  • Advocate on behalf of our members to prioritize home economics education in Saskatchewan and ensure academic and practical skills are identified and integrated into post-secondary education requirements.