Past SHETA Award Winners

SHETA, since 1984 has awarded a University of Saskatchewan Home Economics Education student(s) a bursary to help with university costs.  With the changes to the Home Economics Education program at the U of S in 2016 SHETA revised their criteria and is now awarding the monies to a student in the undergraduate certificate program of a Home Economics graduate program.  The funds to support this bursary come from our annual SHETA/ASHE conference through an annual raffle.  Congratulations to our past years winners!

SHETA Bursary Award Winners

1984-1985 Sheryl Siemens
1985-1986 Karen Schmidt
1986-1987 Debbie Mah
1987-1988 Christine Temple
1988-1989 Heather Richmond
1989-1990 Vanessa Vinek
1990-1991 Diane Nerbas
1991-1992 Marni Gutscher
1992-1993 Roma Davidson
1993-1994 Julian Smith
1994-1995 Valancie Herberg
1995-1996 Jennifer Day
1996-1997 Laura Riffel
1997-1998 Heather Konopelski
1998-1999 Terresa Francoeur
1999-2000 Andrea Pearce
2000-2001 Kristin Karst
2001-2002 AnnaLee Fuhr and Lori Hansen
2002-2003 No Applicants
2003-2004 Bonnie Jansen and Darlan Karkut
2004-2005 Judith Ens
2005-2006 Krista Wingert and Megan Crittenden
2006-2007 No Applicants
2007-2008 ???
2008-2009 Christina Miller
2009-2010 Evalyn Ruska
2010-2011 Not Awarded
2011-2012 Not Awarded
2012-2013 Kati Korman
2013-2014 Heidi Foth
2014-2015 Marisa Pyne
2015-2016 Not Awarded (no applicants)
2016-2017 Not Awarded (no applicants)
2017-2018 ?
2018-2019 Kristen Lee
2019-2020 ?

Applications for the bursary are available to download online and are due October 1.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the SHETA President at